Adverbs of time 

Ar ball          - later

in amanní           - sometimes

In amanní aithrid         - in certain times

go deo             - forever

go fóill           - yet  

is iomaí           - often

Adverbs of place 

Anseo          - here

Adverbs of state 

Maith          – good, well 

go dona          - badly

go holc          - badly

Adverbs of amount 

Tuilleadh         - more

go leor                – enough

Sáith             – sufficiency, enough

Adverbs of description 

Is doiligh         - It's difficult

go díreach          - exactly, directly

Gnóthach          - busy

Leithéid          - like, the like of 

Sciobtha              - quickly 

Adverbs of condition 

B’fhéidir             – maybe

Adverbs of frequency 

Arís        – again


Adverbs of direction 

Go fabhtach          – crookedly