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Nice people

Duine gan mhairg             - a person with no bad in them

Antisocial types 

Ardchlosaí         - a person who will not tell you a word of truth

Bodach          - a bully          Drochbhodach          - a very mean bully

Boidicín                - a little bully     Drochbhoidicín        - a bad little bully

Brusaire           – stocky cheeky person  

Cabaire          - someone who tells other people what you told them

Cáibín          - an easily angered old man

Clabaire           - someone who tells everyone all their business

Coilibín           - someone who gets angry a lot but isn't nasty

Closaí             - someone who can't stop lying

Séard 'tá ansin, closaí             - he's an unreliable person

Duine nach b'fhéidir brath air           - someone you couldn't trust

Codamán          – annoying person

Cróithín         - a person who overstays their welcome 
Duine acu is a dhéanfadh luaith' dhe choigilt            - a visitor who just won't go home

Duine a chaithfeadh an oíche a'chomhrá leat, agus nach raibh aon deifir abhaile air             - a person who would spend the evening talking to you and he'd be in no hurry home

Duine corr           - a loner, odd

Duine a furast' a bhaint        - a person who is easy to wind up

Duine a mb'fhurast' a choraicín a chur suas            - someone who is easy to wind up

Duine falsa            - a lazy person

Fádóir             - someone who tries to get information out of you but gives little away about themselves

Falsóir           - a lazy person

Gadaí          – thief, rascal 

Gliceadór              - someone who keeps changing their story

Gliocaí            - someone who keeps changing their story

Gliomach                 – a clumsy person

Gríosín               -  a greenhorn from the city 

Lag lúbach          - someone not very strong

Leadaí                        - a layabout, a good for nothing person

Leaticó        – a rascal

Magarlán           - small man acting big

Magarlín             - small man acting big

Pusaire             - someone who takes offence at a topic of conversation

Scibhear             – sharp tongued person

An seanstioc        - someone not doing something properly

Sliamadóir            - a dawdler

Slosaí          - someone who witholds gossip

Smaois          - an annoying person

Smug            - a worthless person

Stiall            - someone not doing something correctly

Stíoll            - a worthless person

Straedhadóir          - person (or animal) that wanders   

Streachaille         – a lazy, untidy person

Stróinse                    - someone who is good for nothing

Stuaid        - someone who hasn't a clue about what is being talked about

Suanaire              - someone who says little

Sin duine a bheadh idir mhagadh is dháirírí           - someone who would be half joking and half serious

'Sé an cealán céanna duine a bhí ann           - they were the same type of person


Broch        – a dislike of someone e.g. Jim broch - horrible Jim

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