Saying hello 

A bhuachaill            - Hey lad

Coming and going 

Gabh leith go fóill          - come here yet

Téigh            – go!

Téanam           - Let's go

Téanam abhaile            - Let's head home

Tá mé ag dhul           - I'm going

Chuige leat           - get going!

Fuaigh mé faoina dhéin            - I went to get it.

a'brú leis           - approaching him

Imeacht            – leaving

As go brách            – they cleared off

Giving and taking 

Tabhair dom é sin           - Give me that

Seo dhuit anois               - Here you go


Níl 'fhios agam            - I don't know 

Níl a fhios 'am           - I dunno

Ní bheith fhios agat              - you wouldn't know

deabhal 'fhios agam           - I have no idea

To be or nor to be 

Ní bhím              - I don't be

Wants and needs 

Tabhair cead a bhealaigh dó            - Let him do what he wants


Caint         – talk


Bréag        – lie

Gallóg         – huge lie


Lying about money 

Béal bocht       – the poor mouth

a'déanamh béal bocht           - complaining about having no money



Gláiféisc            – silly boastful talk


Telling stories 
Seamseógaí             - short whimsical stories


Fun and laughter 

Gáire         – laugh

a'scig is a'gairí               - laughing for no reason

Reachtáil gháirí               - a good loud laugh

Racht gáirí         - a fit of laughter

Chuir sé racht gháirí as         - he burst into a fit of laughter


a'cróithíneacht        - visiting people and overstaying your welcome


Sciollagadh       - gossip

Gáir        – report, news

a'sciollagadh       - gossiping


Mar dhea              - yeah right; as if!


Things on your mind 

le forradh         - preoccupied by something

Talking too much 

Síorabhán      - talking endlessly

a'ráfladh cainte         - rambling on and on

a'síoradh       - droning on

Tá sé a'síoradh            - He is talking too much

a'síorabhán        - chattering endlessly

Treas        - rambling 

Ráthladh      - repeating the same stories over and over

Be quiet!

Fuist         – Hush! Be quiet!