a'stánadh              - arguing, confrontational

Annoying others 

a'cur faoi          - to wind someone up

Tá mé bánaithe agat         - You are annoying me

Tá mé bánaithe acu          - They are annoying me

Ní bheann agam orthu           - I don't care what they think

Tóir          –  picking on 

a'cur dó           - to speak against 

Telling off 

Spraic            –  reprimand

Sciúradh na seanchuinneoige          - a tongue lashing

Is míortúnach an gasúr thú          - You're a cross boy

Níl aon léamh ort           - You're impossible!

Tá tú buailte amach               - You're bold!

Táimid bánaith' agat            - You have driven us mad!

Táimid bodhar agat              - You have us deafened!

Táimid botheráiltí agat              - You've bothered us!

Táimid gríosaith' agat            - You have us driven demented!

a'feiceáil rud éicínt duit            - you are imagining something


Achrann            - trouble

Gleodóireacht              -  causing uproar

Liúch          – yelling, shouting

Telling people where to go 

Bain as!          - Get lost!

Croch leat!          - Sling your hook!

Píoblach dearg agat!          - May you get the red píoblach!

Píoblach dearg ort!              - Red píoblach on you!

Telling people to shut up 

Bí i do thost          - Be quiet!   

Dún do bhéal           - Shut your mouth!

Dún do clab           - Shut your trap! 

Fuist           – Hush! Be quiet!

Insulting others 

a chloig!          - You idiot!

Drochmheas         – contempt, no value on someone 

Ballmagaidh          - speaking derisively

i gceannmhagadh             - ridiculing

Abharmagaidh             - talking derisively

Magadh        – teasing, making fun of somebody


a'clamhsán          - complaining

a'casaoid         - complaining

Drantánacht         –   grumbling

Geonaíl          - whining, whimpering 

Pushing people around 

Cuir iallach air é a dhéanamh          - make him do it.


Dar           – a challenge

Scléip              - a slap

Slaidhbhear            - a slap

Rúscadh           – beating; pushing, shoving 

ionsó          - assailing, attacking

Ar chab is tabac           - two people fighting with each other tooth and nail

Bhuail sé fear eicínt le pléisc               - he hit someone with a clatter


Making up 

Réitiú          – settle (an argument)


a'cocaireacht             - being cheeky, answering back

a'déanamh neamhshuim           - making light of something

Putting someone off

Sioscadh cainte           – putting someone off