Maistín            - bold (naughty) child

Marlach              - baby (up to 1 years old)

Dúradán             - toddler

Girseach             - young woman 

Bodghasúr           - tomboy

People of diverse shapes and sizes 
Cuaille             - a large old woman

Gíoplach            - big ungainly lad

Greilleach            - a large older person

Príomaire            - big strong lad

Scaltán           - a puny man

Sneáthadán            - a thin man 

Stócach              - a young strong man; boyfriend

Stroiméad               - big lazy lad


Leathbhoc              - a simpleton

Leathcheann           - a simpleton

Péic             - a moron 

Pléisc            - a gullible person

Antisocial types 

Cabaire          - someone who tells other people what you told them

Clabaire           - someone who tells everyone all their business

Coilibín           - someone who gets angry a lot but isn't nasty

Closaí             - someone who can't stop lying

Bodach          - a bully          Drochbhodach          - a very mean bully

Boidicín                - a little bully     Drochbhoidicín        - a bad little bully

Duine falsa            - a lazy person

Fádóir             - someone who tries to get information out of you but gives little away about themselves

Gliceadór              - someone who keeps changing their story

Magarlán           - small man acting big

Magarlín             - small man acting big

Pusaire             - someone who takes offence at a topic of conversation

Stróinse            - someone who is good for nothing

Stuaid        - someone who hasn't a clue about what is being talked about

Suanaire              - someone who says little