Physical description 

Ina shuighe ar a choirbiongam           - he was squatting down, sitting on his heels

Tá cuma an bháis air            - he is very pale

a'forbhás         - something loose (like a chair leg)

Amplach           – greedy

Briongán           - stiffness

Crompán           - something short and broad (animal, boat etc)

Cropthaith          - crouched, stooped

Go fabhtach          – crookedly

Cruiteach         - humped, hunchback

Sceití           - fat

Sclamh          - a piece missing from something

Smailc              - a piece missing from something

Giortach            – Short, stumpy

Gob         – Sticky out projection

Ina ghogaide           - something sticking up

Cuma diaganta          - angelic disposition

Cuma soineata          - serene appearance

Do thóin leagthí ar do chuid sálaí            - your backside resting on your heels

Clabhstar          – Clumsy

Forradh siúil            - walking hurriedly

Ina shuighe ar a ghogat            - he is sitting on his heels

Sceití le feoil              - thick fat

Sceití le ramhar             - thick fat

Báití le allas           - drenched with sweat

Céim        – step

Salach           – dirty

Scarthaidh           – bow-legged

Scibheal         – pot-belly

Slám            - handful, heap 

Bogadaí            –  rocking movement, stirring

Bacach         – disabled  

Brocach        – dirty, grimy

Breac         – speckled 

Leathan        – wide

Mant       - little notch out of something

Ramhar       – fat

Rinneach          – sharp, pointed