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Physical description 


Tá cuma an bháis air            - he is very pale


Cropthaith          - crouched, stooped

Cruiteach         - humped, hunchback


Do thóin leagthí ar do chuid sálaí            - your backside resting on your heels

Ina shuighe ar a ghogat            - he is sitting on his heels

Ina shuighe ar a choirbiongam           - he was squatting down, sitting on his heels


ag imeacht ina gcosaí           - walking barefooted


Breac         – speckled 

Clean and dirty 

Cuma shlachtmar        - tidy appearance

Brocach        – dirty, grimy

Salach           – dirty


Cruaí          - hard

Bog             - soft 

Scrábach           - rough

Garbh            - rough

Mín            - smooth

Rinneach          – sharp, pointed

Dlúth         - tight, compact

Tais          - damp

Fliuch            - wet 

Tirim         - dry

Underweight and overweight

Tanthaí          - thin 

Ramhar              – fat

Sceití           - fat

Sceití le feoil              - thick fat

Sceití le ramhar             - thick fat


Beag       - small 

Gearr      - short


Bogadaí            –  rocking movement, stirring

Céim        – step

An-tiuf            - very quick


a'forbhás         - something loose (like a chair leg)


Láidir            - strong 

Bríomhar           - robust


Lag              - weak 

Laige              - weakness 

éitreoireach             - puny

Gan aon úrrus            - not very robust

Things with holes in them 

Mant       - little notch out of something

Sclamh          - a piece missing from something

Smailc              - a piece missing from something

Things that have bits that stick out 

Fearbh         - Lip, projection

Gob         – sticky out projection

Ina ghogaide           - something sticking up

a'báthadh amach            - sticking out

a'gobadh amach           - sticking out

Size and shape 

Fathach           - giant 

Giortach            – short, stumpy

Mion          - tiny

Leathan            – wide

Caol         - narrow    or    Cúng        - narrow

Bolgach         - rotund

Leathslaigh          - half-sloping

Bheadh cuid acu chomh mór agus a bheadh siad choíche -                some of them would be as big as they'd ever be


Coladh         - outside

Ciumhas         - edge or    Cúis       - edge

ar a gcorr           - on its edge

'chaon taobh         - on each side

Cuid ar 'achaon taobh         - some on either side

Curthaí ar a mullach        - thrown on top of them

ag imeacht teanntaí leis        - keeping tight against it

Ar an thaobh na láimhe chlé       - on the left hand side

éirí i mullach         - land on top of it

Looking calm 

Cuma diaganta          - angelic disposition

Cuma soineata          - serene appearance


Bail            – state, condition


bean galánta           - beautiful (woman)

fear dathúil       - a handsome man

míofar        - ugly

Gránna            - ugly

ó íochtar go huachtar            - from bottom to top

radharc galánt'           - beautiful (scenery)

Tangled up 

in ainbhreó             - tangled

ag dhul in ainbhreó            - to get something tangled up

i bhfastó ina chéilí             - become entangled in each other


Curthaí i bhfastó             - suspended

Similar and different 

Difir           – difference

Rud a bhí a'dhul i gcosúlacht le              - something similar to it

Holding things 

Bheadh greim aige            - he'd have hold of 

Just right 

Feiliúnach           - suitable

Oiriúnach          - suitable

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